Project Chrysalis (Phase 1), Harplands Hospital




£13m (all phases)





Project Chrysalis is the biggest single capital investment at North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust since the creation of Harplands Hospital and sets out to further improve the inpatient facilities and patient experiences.

The works predominantly consist of the reconfiguration of the wards to eliminate the existing 4-bed dormitories and replace them with en-suite bedrooms to significantly improve the patients right to privacy and dignity.

Each ward will also provide enhanced communal areas for patients, as well as new kitchen and office areas of staff.

This is just the first phase with works continuing to unfold over the next two years until July 2025.

Experience VR Walkthrough of the new facilities here: Project Chrysalis (


"Can I just say how very pleased everyone at the Trust has been with Steve Budding. We, on the project team, have always be grateful that Steve is on this job. However, during and post the CT handover and ward moves, our clinical staff have been full of praise for how responsive and exceptionally supportive he has been. This has enabled us to get issues resolved quickly and allowed our nursing staff to get on with the business of caring for our patients, some of the most vulnerable members of society, without having to worry too much about building issues on the ward."
Steve Blaise
Interim Assistant Director of Finance - North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare