Acute Care Simulation Suite


6 weeks







Procured using the Pagabo Dynamic Purchasing System, Interclass were appointed to deliver a new Acute Simulation suite at Aston University.

The creation of the simulation suite included cutting edge technology such as software used for recording medical procedures and simulations for review and learning purposes. Cameras and microphones were installed as part of the audiovisual healthcare simulation recording system to allow manikin vitals to be assessed to aid student learning.

The project also included the installation of LED lighting, new data points, fire stopping works, and improvements to the original ventilation system, to ensure compliance with Building Regulations.

As this project was undertaken within a live university environment it was critical that the students were segregated from the construction work at all times using a temporary, acoustically sound partition. This allowed the students to move around the building safely and also prevented dust from spreading.

In order to meet the fast-track construction period of 6 weeks, we appointed all subcontract packages prior to commencing on site and during the mobilisation period. This meant that we could place early material orders to avoid lead-in times impacting negatively on the programme.

We successfully delivered this project within programme and budget.