Whitley Depot, Coventry


47 weeks







In 2020, Interclass were appointed to deliver a new two storey steel frame building for the Coventry City Council works depot. This included the creation of a new open plan office, storage unit and dog kennel.

Extensive external works were also carried out including a new road layout and entrance reconfiguration. The depot remained live and occupied throughout the works and therefore required daily liaison with the Depot Manager to manage the road diversions, temporary CCTV installations and site logistics. Evening and weekend work was also required.

Initially the project was over budget and Interclass participated in a complete re-design process with extensive value engineering proposals. The prefabricated boarding kennel was from Italy, we had to closely coordinate the design and installation of the kennel with the groundworks and M&E layouts.

Extensive community engagement was at the core of this project, and included education and training opportunities for local residents, providing support to the council’s community resilience team.

The team engaged with local suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure these new establishments encourage a local economy boost and new employment opportunities for the area.


"It was a pleasure to deliver this project, which comes complete with the latest technology to carefully monitor the working environment to minimise energy consumption in the new office building. We know that reducing carbon footprint was a key driver for the scheme and Coventry City Council."
Dean Bradbury
Contracts Manager, Interclass