How online inductions helped us to be more productive in managing our sites

Onsite inductions were costing us precious time and resources, in addition to distracting our onsite delivery team.

Given the value of the construction projects that we undertake – sometimes up to £10 million in value across multiple sectors – online inductions are something that saved us a huge amount of resources and time. Since we joined GetOnSite in January 2020, we have registered 32 construction sites, and had over 2300 separate successful inductions completed.

Challenges we faced

When we looked into how much time we were actually spending on site inductions across of our sites, the results showed the following:

  • Each of our site managers was spending on average 22 minutes per day, or 1.83 hours per week on inductions
  • The average time for an induction was 29 minutes, with a maximum of 45 minutes and a minimum of 12 minutes.

Face-to-face inductions were not only costing us time and money, but were also a distraction for the site team, taking them away from their main objectives and targets which include understanding their specific tasks and understanding their RAMs.

However, online inductions saved the trouble of distracting operatives from their own tasks to run inductions, as well as saving us several hours per week on running face-to-face inductions. Some of the other benefits of online inductions include:

  • Allowing operatives to focus on tasks in hand as soon as they were on site
  • Ensuring site teams understood their RAMs and work safety protocols
  • Increased productivity within site teams.

What was the solution?

Our search for alternative forms of site inductions came through an IT innovation seminar and GetOnSite was identified via a search of providers.

After a free 30-day trial, we developed our preferred induction format using GetOnSite’s template. Following the trial, we gathered feedback and implemented it across all of our projects.

Our Construction Director, Peter Hood stated: “The team at GetOnSite were enthusiastic about the product and provided clear demonstrations, via Webinar, to show the ease of use. The pricing structure was simple to understand and competitive.”

Benefits of online inductions

Naturally, online inductions were a “Godsend” when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the UK in March 2020, and face-to-face inductions were no longer possible under lockdown restrictions imposed by the government.

Not only did online inductions save a huge amount of time, but they also ensured that site workers could still receive a formal, professional induction without putting anyone at risk of spreading or catching coronavirus.

We could also demonstrate to external assessors that we were adhering to the correct social distancing rules and keeping our teams safe as our number one priority.

On top of COVID-19 restrictions which we adhered to, other benefits we found from using GetOnSite included:

  • Enabling additional checks and balances across different sites
  • The GetOnSite platform was both simple to use and access for operatives across all sites
  • Alerts for expiry dates of health and safety qualifications, which allowed issues to be flagged with supply chain partners.


We found that we made some huge savings on the amount of time we spent doing inductions, as well as the fact that we have increased our productivity on site, too.

“We have had no adverse responses from our supply chain and all those using the system have been positive about the way it operates. Our own visiting staff have commented on how the system gives them a good understanding of site controls/rules and our clients and their teams all use the system.”

Peter Hood, Construction Director.

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